If my name is not on the title can i still sell it?
This dependeds on state and local regulations. In some cases, it is possible to obtain sufficient documentation from your local DMV office so that you can sell your vehicle

Can you still by my vehicle if i cannot deliver it to your yard?
If your vehicle is located within our towing area, we will work with you to schedule a date/ time to pick it up.

If i am using your towing service, how long does it take to pick up my vehicle?
After placing your request, it generally take 1-2 business days for our dispatcher to contact you to set up your tow appointment

How much will you pay for my vehicle?
Prices vary based on the region and the demand for parts from your particular vehicle.

How do it get paid for my vehicle?
Cash on the stop

What do you do with my vehicle after i sell it to you?
In most cases, we recycle the vehicle using our environmentally-friendly process. This involves removing vehicles fluids and hazardous materials, then making the vehicle avaible for our self-service customers to remove parts and finally recycling the remaining scrap metals and other materials for use in new products. In a few cases, we will sell the vehicle intact as a builder vehicle recycling it.

How does selling my vehicle to you help the environment?
Since we recycle your vehicle, we help the environment by reducing the need to create new products from virgin materials wich in turn saves energy, water and reduces mining and other production wastes.

Do i need a title?
A title is recomended but without one it is usually not a problem as long as your have your driver's license and copy of your registration. Keep in mind that a title will make the ownership transfer process much simpler. Please notify us of this information as soon as possible

Do i need my registration?
Registration is not required in every situation to pick up your junk car, but if it is you do not have a title. Let us know when you call that you are missing your registration and we can tell you if a replacement is necessary

What Kind of cars do you buy?
We buy any type of junk cars or trucks. It doesn't matter the age, size or condition of the vehicle we tow, though these things may impact the offer made for your junk car

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